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Classic & Traditional Food

Nutrious Lamb Mixed

Hand-Draw Noodles

Traditional Chinese 

Henan cuisine

Henan cuisine, as representative of the Henan cuisine cooking of Central Plains civilization, originated in Luoyang, Henan cuisine while the song become a local gang of Chinese cooking, but is located in Kyushu, has been adhering to the basic traditional Chinese cooking.

Henan braised noodles can be divided into three kinds, in which noodles with mutton is the most common variety. The essense of a nutrious lamb noodles comes from the soup. ..

Reports & Review from New York Times

“.. Uncle Zhou’s noodles take a star turn atop the Henan classic of baked noodles and fish. A whole fish, gently fried, is shrouded in bei mian — in essence, hand-pulled baked angel hair — and set in a sweet-and-sour pool. The crisp bei mian contrasts beautifully with the tender fish. Both soak up the sauce. ..”

Michelin Recommendation

“Gifted cooks have been setting up in Elmhurst to show off their skills, but the chef/visionary of this modestly decked, massively popular Henanese gem has been a fixture from the start. ..”

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